Elevator Pitch: Communicate the Value of Your Business to Your Potential Clients

Have you ever heard about “elevator pitch”?

It’s a marketing technique and I would truly recommend you not to leave your house without rehearsing it in front of the mirror every time you go out.

What is it all about? It’s about being able to present your business and/or product and/or yourself as a specialist in 10-30 seconds. Just within that short moment, while the imaginable elevator’s door closes and the elevator moves from one floor to another. Too short? Maybe… But it’s your chance to explain to your potential client what you do and do it in the way that he or she gets excited about your business.

It’s your chance! Take it or leave it!

Where can you use your “elevator pitch”? Everywhere! At a networking party, at a birthday party of your child’s friend, at the gym… At any place.

Last time I used my elevator pitch was a couple of days ago when I was standing in line to pay for extra sports classes at my daughter´s school. One of the moms who was next to me asked me what I do… Guess what? It turned out they were looking for a business development consultant for their new business.

What do you need to have your elevator pitch working right?

  • time
  • common sense
  • emotions

Take some time and write down what your unique selling proposition is. What is so different and so beautiful about your business, your product or yourself, that will definitely spark interest in other people, your potential customers. Then look at what you´ve written from the point of view of your potential clients. How will they benefit from your business? What´s the value of your products or services to them? Does your pitch sound appealing? Edit and tweak it as needed.

The coaching session with a professional coach is actually a great way to analyze your stakeholders and come out with solutions on how your elevator pitch should sound in order to get your potential clients in.

Need a business coach to help you decide on your business mission, define your potential client avatar, work on your marketing and elevator pitch? Book a free discovery call with me and let´s speak about your needs and how I can assist you.

What Makes Them Buy From You

Did you know that most people value not only WHAT we sell them, but HOW we sell and WHAT EMOTIONS they receive and can share with others?

The emotional part of selling is really very important. In the constantly changing reality, when the market is overwhelmed with products and offers, our customers pay more and more attention to the way they are treated and the experience that we create for them.⠀

Customers will choose you if you are flexible and agile, if you create unique experiences for them, if you offer solutions to them. And they will go to competitors if you fail with those things.

Several years ago, when I lost my business development executive job in the financial sector, I unexpectedly turned my hobby into a source of income for me. In other words, I became a crafter and for some time converted my passion into my business. That was a kind of an experiment for me that finally brought me back to my usual grounds – marketing, business development and then business coaching. But that experiment helped me as an entrepreneur who was on the front line with my own clients feel and live the fact that people do not only buy product, they definitely buy emotions.

They buy a bunch of emotions that your product, your work and you evoke. They buy a pill that will help them to heal the pain that they have, they buy a solution to their problems and necessities. Here is the feedback that I received in those days from one of my loyal clients. I think, she said exactly why she loved buying from me.

With my products and my personalized attention I allowed Anastasia to demonstrate to her family and friends how much she cared about them. Giving them personalized gifts, she loved seeing them impressed and touched.

By the way, that handmade project of mine still exists under the name “MV Design Atelier”, I use now that website and all the following that I created in those days to sell my online courses on creative bookbinding, and now it’s one of the sources of my passive income.

So, if you are starting a business, or if you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur with an existing business, make sure to work on that as well. Because there is much under our control and it depends mostly on us, whether we become or not that person or that business that our clients prefer to work with.

What Will Help You Stay Motivated?

Thanks for joining me, my dear entrepreneurs!

I decided to start my blog with this very article on motivation, because this is one of the most popular issues why my clients, readers and subscribers come to me.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind” — Henry Ford

I saw this quote from Henry Ford long time ago and I thought about it again when I was doing recently my Live Video in my Instagram account for entrepreneurs that I run in Spanish @minegociocreativo, where I was hosting a three-week challenge “Grow Your Business in 21 Days”.

On the day when we spoke about motivation, one of the participants commented that he was about to quit that afternoon because so many bad things happened…

As entrepreneurs, we all face hard times, ups and downs, and that’s ok. Because entrepreneurship is a journey, it’s not a destination.  But, only few of us do not quit and keep “taking off against the wind”.

What’s fuelling those people? One of the things is definitely motivation. That tricky thing that sometimes comes so easily and other times you really need to work hard to get motivated to “take off against the wind”.

One of my best ways of staying motivated is thinking about the reasons for doing something. Especially in my business. What is the purpose behind all the hard work? WHY am I doing all that?

Having present in my mind my “WHY” really helps me to stay focused on my tasks even in the moments when everything seems so boring, going wrong or simply not as expected.

There are many moments, both professional and personal, when you are about to give up, raise your hands and surrender. In those moments do think about your WHY! Get that vision of you when you’ve got the result you wanted. Imagine that happening in some time in the future from now. Look back from that future. Was it worthy to keep moving and keep doing?

When we create this vision, understanding of our WHY comes next, and normally motivation will be there again.

Do you know your WHY? Does knowing it help you stay motivated and keep going through hardships in your life and business?