Benefits of Executive Coaching

”Everyone needs a coach”, – says Bill Gates in his TED Talk. Adding that we all need people who give us feedback because that´s how we improve.

I’d add here that we all need people who can ask us powerful questions because that´s how we grow, that’s how our creative mind gets unleashed, that´s how we stay accountable for what we do and where we go.

Eric Schmidt, Google Ex-CEO says that one of the best advice that he received in his life was about getting a coach.

Why is it so crucial for executives to have a coach?

Executive coaches are normally hired to assist Executives, CEOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors and other managers with their personal development. In accordance with what Erickson Coaching International say, it’s personal development of executives that leads to improving the company’s bottom line, however, it’s certainly a more indirect method of going about the results.

Executive coaching allows top managers to understand that the focus really is on the future helping them to find all the necessary solutions to reach their true goals.

Assisting top managers and executives in their personal transformation as leaders, and helping them to achieve their personal improvement goals like increasing productivity, developing leadership skills, managing staff, improving communication, etc finally results in achieving their corporate goals as well.

Executives and managers become role models for their employees, thus being able to accelerate employees development and growth as well. Needless to say, a company with a strong coaching culture, with executives and employees focused on growth and both self-development and business development, can only benefit from it in all possible ways.

If you want to discuss how a professional coach can assist your top management as well as your business, don’t hesitate to contact me. As an Erickson Professional Coach I will be happy to help you in getting the best out of your potential in order to reach your personal and business goals.