Does Social Media Work for Business?

Recently I was contacted by a potential client who had commented to me via direct message on Instagram that he was looking for consulting regarding social media marketing and wanted to hear how I could help him and his company to grow their presence and get more clients. 

Our telephone conversation started with the client’s monologue about the waste of time posting in social media, about him not believing in all those “Facebooks and Instagrams”, about all the same people over there and not getting any results. To my question about their business accounts, their strategy, the message that they deliver to their followers, the value of their products and services, knowing their clients’ avatars, their engagement etc, this entrepreneur just told me that he has neither time nor money for spending on social media. He posts from time to time on Instagram just to be there.

And this is not a single case. I see this quite often that entrepreneurs and businesses are on social media “to just be there”, but they do not take it seriously and do not have any clear strategy in order to grow their presence, customer database, and sales.

In addition to being a professional coach, I have more than 20+ years of experience as a business development and marketing specialist. I’ve built my presence on the Spanish-speaking market that in numbers is now

All this digital presence (which also keeps growing every day) helps me to get the instant stream of traffic and customers for my online programs in Spanish that I sell, subscribers to my newsletter, as well as coaching and consulting clients. 

I do believe in social media power if you grow your online presence in a smart, strategic and consistent way. I used to share all my expertise, knowledge and experience on that in Spanish during the last two years after leaving the corporate world when starting to write my business development and motivational blog for entrepreneurs in that language. But now I am also willing to share all that in English due to the fact that I receive more and more questions and requests from English speaking people who come to me because they know me, worked with me in my corporate past or are referred by word of mouth. 

I will be writing on business development, marketing as well as business and corporate coaching in my Instagram account @mvcoachsulting, here in my blog and share wisdom and inspiration on Pinterest. Let’s connect, dear friends and entrepreneurs!

PS. That potential client does not believe in social media, but he found and contacted me on Instagram at @minegociocreativo. Would he know about my professional services if I were not on this social media platform?