What Will Help You Stay Motivated?

Thanks for joining me, my dear entrepreneurs!

I decided to start my blog with this very article on motivation, because this is one of the most popular issues why my clients, readers and subscribers come to me.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind” — Henry Ford

I saw this quote from Henry Ford long time ago and I thought about it again when I was doing recently my Live Video in my Instagram account for entrepreneurs that I run in Spanish @minegociocreativo, where I was hosting a three-week challenge “Grow Your Business in 21 Days”.

On the day when we spoke about motivation, one of the participants commented that he was about to quit that afternoon because so many bad things happened…

As entrepreneurs, we all face hard times, ups and downs, and that’s ok. Because entrepreneurship is a journey, it’s not a destination.  But, only few of us do not quit and keep “taking off against the wind”.

What’s fuelling those people? One of the things is definitely motivation. That tricky thing that sometimes comes so easily and other times you really need to work hard to get motivated to “take off against the wind”.

One of my best ways of staying motivated is thinking about the reasons for doing something. Especially in my business. What is the purpose behind all the hard work? WHY am I doing all that?

Having present in my mind my “WHY” really helps me to stay focused on my tasks even in the moments when everything seems so boring, going wrong or simply not as expected.

There are many moments, both professional and personal, when you are about to give up, raise your hands and surrender. In those moments do think about your WHY! Get that vision of you when you’ve got the result you wanted. Imagine that happening in some time in the future from now. Look back from that future. Was it worthy to keep moving and keep doing?

When we create this vision, understanding of our WHY comes next, and normally motivation will be there again.

Do you know your WHY? Does knowing it help you stay motivated and keep going through hardships in your life and business?